Sleeping Beauty Just Woke Up / Fortune’s Fortune

My name is Patti Maloney and I am 68 years young today!  I am a living testament of how the power of art especially music can save a life. I wrote a musical titled Sleeping Beauty Just Woke Up, a musical memoir which tells my story of sex, drugs, and R&R with a twist Long Term Recovery. I struggled with a hopeless condition of body, mind and spirit (dis-ease) and music led me to a pathway of healing where I am now of happy, joyous, and  free. It’s taking me a long time to get here but now that I’m here I feel it’s my responsibility to share my gifts with others. My intention for this fundraiser is three fold:
1. To draw attention to so that other artists can find a home to launch their dreams.
2. To start funding the lyric video’s for Sleeping Beauty Just Woke Up to open up a linkage of events and services available to every person seeking recovery ( be it death of a loved one by suicide, teenage and adult homelessness, substance misuse, broken heartedness, the list is endless )
3. To shine a light on my dear friends Michele and Fortune’s daughter Mia Petri and get her off to college knowing that she is loved !
Can I get an Amen?
Please watch the video here in and give if you can…. no pressure 🙂