How It Works

Think performance crowdfunding.
Create a personalized project page featuring  you performing to support yourself and or something you care about. Tell us who you are, what you are performing and who you are performing for. Set a tangible goal that will have maximum impact. link up your video or audio, then easily share your page with the world to gain support for your project.

Things You Will Need / Tips

 A. First and foremost bring your good energy and get excited! You are about to create something using your passion and talent that will  have a direct positive impact on what matters to you. 

Next : A plan. It doesn’t have to be complicated but it needs to be clear and thought out. lets start with some basics :

  • Who is creating this project ? You, your band , your friends , your group ?
  • What ? Decide what you will be doing. You can sing , dance,  play a guitar solo , one verse , just the hook , the chorus, or an entire song .
  • Where ? Decide where . On stage , your living room etc
  • When ? You know what they say .. timing is everything!  so think about when the best time would be to launch your project and what the duration of your project will be. *TIP the majority of your support will happen in the first few days and last day or two of your project. We suggest having your project up for the length of time you will realistically spend the time to promote . 1 – 2 weeks is a good point of reference for the best outcome.
  • Why ? What is the purpose of creating your project ? What is your overall goal ?

B: Content.
You can sing , dance, play your instrument, do a solo ,full song or play your favorite part, play with a  full band, trio ,  you can juggle,do an  acrobatic flip , roller skate, skateboard trick , snowboard or surf , as long as you include music in your project .  

  • Performance length we strongly suggest a clip under 60 seconds unless of course you are  you’re performing a full song.
  • Please create new content Specific to your project
  • Please Include an introduction in your clip Example: Hi I’m Sting and my band and I are playing in support of  the Rainforest Foundation Fund.  
  • Please do not link to a performance that you do not have the right to use. 

C. Media Formats 


  • You can directly upload (RECOMMENED ) or you can paste a video url from Tik Tok or Youtube to your page .  

Audio Stream

  •  You can enter your audio stream link from Soundcloud , Bandcamp, Reverbnation etc to your page.

Create a Project Form Help

Music Project Title 

The title of your project should say who you are what and why you are performing.
*Ideally, your project title and introduction in your performance should the same or very close to the same. 

Here are some examples:

  • My name is Michele and I’m singing in support of Common Ground Grief Center.
  • We are the Jersey Blues Band and we are playing an original tune to raise money to record our next album.
  • I’m Mia I’m playing a drum solo to raise money for drum lessons.
  • Hello I’m Sting and I am singing in support of the Rainforet Foundation Fund.


Choose a category that best describes your project.

Project Image 

Choose an Image that best represents your project. this is the image that will appear as a teaser where ever your project is posted. Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, png, Max. file size: 512 MB.

Project Description

Your project description should include who you are, what you are performing, what your project is about, why you are asking for support and the impact the support you are asking for will achieve.


 My Name is Erica  i’m singing  ” Ashes ”  in support of Geroge’s Wish . George’s Wish is a Foundation that we created in honor of my father George. Through George’s Wish we are providing nutritional supplements to cancer patients who are struggling to eat regular food.

Media Content


Upload your video directly to our platform – RECOMMENEDED 

Video URL 

Enter your video URL from TikTok or YouTube 

Audio Stream 

Enter your audio strem link from Soundcloud , Bandcamp . Reverbnation etc 

Live Stream ( available soon )

Enter your livestream link from YouTube, Twitch Facebook etc

Start Date 

Choose the start date of your project 

End Date 

Choose the end date of your project

Fundraising Goal 

Set a realistic goal that’s aligned with your compelling project description. The more information you provide about how the money you are raising will impact your project, the greater your chances will be to hit your goal.

Fundraising Split 

The fundraising split is how much money you are keeping vs how much your are donating to the beneficiary of your project . For example, If you are keeping 50% of proceeds and your project benefactor will receive 50%. place 50% in each box above or if 100% of proceeds will be donated to your project benefactor you will put 100% in the benefactor box. You can split the donations any way you choose or not at all.