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TFG Impact Project

We believe in the power of music and it’s profound positive impact on everything from culture to mental health.

Stay tuned as we roll out projects that provide various opportunities for artists to create, collaborate, support, inspire, celebrate this thing we call music.

Our latest TFG Impact Project is “Performing For Good”

What is Performing For Good ?

Think performance crowdfunding.

 Artists create a personalized project page that features a performance to support yourself and or something you care about . Tell us who you are, what you are performing and who you are performing for. Set a tangible goal that will have maximum impact. Upload your video or audio , then easily share your page with the world to gain support for your project.


Performing For Good FAQ

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TFG Music Impact Highlight

Music touches every part of my life and is always there when I need it. If I’m sad and need to cry there is always a song to go with what I’m feeling and likewise if I want to dance like crazy around the house with my girls and feel totally uplifted. Throughout my diagnosis of RP and coming to terms with my sight loss music has been my constant. It still amazes me how certain songs can evoke a memory or a feeling.

Tunes for Good is an amazing organization which does amazing work. Because of their wonderful work I was able to see Billy Joel at Madison Square Garden during my sight visit to New York… A dream come true and a memory I will treasure long after my sight has gone.
Every time I hear a Billy Joel song it takes me right back to that wonderful moment in time.

I am truly grateful for those wonderful people who create great music and songs. Your talent and creativity reach so many. I can’t think of one occasion where music hasn’t been a part of my life.

Tunes for Good is an organization which recognizes this and actively seeks to do great things through this. Thank you so much for the experience and a memory which will last a lifetime. I am eternally grateful.

- Angela Johnson