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At Brown, you’ll find a community of the brightest and most exceptional students and scholars from across the globe.

We are a community guided by shared values, an unyielding dedication to diversity, equity and inclusion, and a fundamental commitment to supporting one another.

We are a campus where students, faculty and staff discuss, learn about and debate difficult issues, building understanding of important challenges facing society. We are a learning community strengthened by the expression of a full range of views informed by a far-reaching set of life experiences.

I need to make a shitload of money because my kid wants to go to Brown 9-30-2020

by Michele Tester

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Michele Tester

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February 1, 2016 Dear Members of the Brown Community, In October of 2013, the Corporation of Brown University approved Brown’s strategic plan, Building on Distinction. This plan aims to advance Brown’s mission of serving society by “discovering, preserving and communicating knowledge in a spirit of free inquiry” within a “unified community” of scholars. The strategic plan emphasizes the value of developing an academic community that embodies the social and intellectual diversity of the world, in order to position Brown to achieve the highest level of academic excellence and prepare our students to thrive and lead in the complex and changing settings they’ll encounter after they graduate. Since Building on Distinction was released, the need to foster a more inclusive campus has become even more evident. As Brown’s mission statement makes clear, Brown is an academic community that prizes individuality and intellectual independence, but also recognizes that successful learning communities must be grounded in an ethos of mutual respect. Yet Brown has been challenged to confront issues of racism, discrimination, and inequity that prevent us from being the truly unified community that we aspire to be. All Brown students, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, nationality, religious and political views, and other aspects of their identities, are accepted because of their enormous potential as scholars and leaders. It is imperative that all students—and, indeed, all members of our community, including faculty and staff—are valued, respected, and provided with equal opportunities to thrive at Brown. Our challenge and opportunity is to bring faculty, students, and staff together to ensure we are living up to our ideals. Pathways to Diversity and Inclusion: An Action Plan for Brown University (DIAP) details a set of concrete, achievable actions that will make Brown more fully diverse and inclusive. I believe that the strengths of this plan are its concrete actions, inclusive nature, commitment to accountability, and its recognition of the challenges and opportunities of previous efforts toward diversity — efforts that now offer us this moment to effect lasting change.

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