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Do I need to be a professional artist to create a TFG Campaign ? 

Nope!  We believe everyone has a creative voice!  We can’t wait to see and hear how you use yours to impact the world.

Do I need to perform in order to participate? 

Yes! That’s the whole point of this !

How much does it cost to create a campiagn ? 

It’s free! It doesn’t cost the artist anything to create a campaign.

Can I create a Campaign and raise money for myself , my band , or my group  ? 

YES! Not only can you create a campaign for yourself but you can offer giveaways to your supporters as well. You can create a Campaign for just about anything as long as it doesn’t fall into a prohibited category such as support for hate groups ,funding a ransom, human trafficking , exploitation, vigilantism, bribes etc as outlined in our terms of service.

What you will need to create your TFG Campaign

First: A passion , a reason , a motivation , a goal , a cause,  to raise money and awareness for something you care about.

Next : Create a video of you  singing , dancing , laying down a groove , juggling , we want you to perform whatever moves you.

Then: Create a TFG Campaign

Finally: Share your TFG Campaign with the world and see  how using your voice and talent will impact the things you care about.

How to fill out a TFG Music Campaign form

Project Title:  Your title should reflect who you are, what you are performing and who you are raising money for.

Title Example: “My name is Rockstar I’m playing a drum solo in support of the boys and girls club of Los Angeles.”

Next you will need to write a brief story explaining what you are performing for and why. ( You can fundraise and perform for yourself too!  click here for an exmple )

Short Description: ( keep this to a sentence or two ) 

Example: I’m playing in support of the boys and girls clubs of Los Angeles because as a child they were a tremendous support to me.

Full Description:

Example: I’m Playing in support of the boys and girls club of Los Angeles because as a child they were a tremendous support to me. When my parents couldn’t afford drum lessons for me I was able to take part in their music program and take weekly drum lessons for free! If it weren’t for the boys and girls club I would not be the musician I am today. They continue to be a vital support system to the communities they serve and that is why It is so important to ensure they receive the funding they need.Please contribute what you can so we can meet our goal to insure every child that needs support can find it within this community.

Upload: A video or audio of you doing your thing in support of whatever it is that matters to you.

Example: Video or audio of you, your band , alone or with your friends,  singing , (you can sing / play an entire song , or even a verse , or a line from your favorite song.)  You can dance , lay down a groove , juggle, act, tell a joke etc  really any family friendly performance will do! But it has to be YOU and your band, or friends, family performing etc .*You may not upload someones else’s performance without their permission otherwise your content will be flagged and pulled down for copyright infringement. For example, you may not upload a video of The Beatles and put it in your project to raise money for your next recording session.

*** Introduction and call to action suggestion : It would be ideal,  but not neccessary to include an introduction and call to action in your video or audio recording.  You can Introduce youreslf  by repeating your title or brief description so it can go something like this …   “Hi I’m rockstar, I’m singing in support of  the boys and girls clubs of Los Angeles because as a child they were a tremendous support to me. Please help me raise $10,000 so they can continue to have a positive impact on  our communities ” Here’s an example